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Three Sixty Safety (TSS) can install a complete safety system in your facility however, TSS can also perform an audit of your business; providing you with a complete scorecard and report of areas that may need to be addressed. TSS will conduct an on-site plant evaluation and/or a mock OSHA audit to prepare for the event OSHA walks through your doors.

Workplace safety, like everything else these days is constantly evolving. Odds are that the training you provided even last year is out-of-date in some aspect. Statistics prove that companies who adhere to safety training often see a decrease in workplace injuries, incidents and fatalities. That equates to fewer fines and lawsuits as well as less time missed for injuries.

How do you know if your safety program is as effective as possible? How do you know whether your organization is OSHA compliant?

According to OSHA, implementing a viable safety program will:

Reduce workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses

Avoid OSHA penalties

Reduce costs to train a replacement employee and conduct accident investigations

Choosing not to provide adequate safety programs in the workplace could result in dire consequences. For example, when workers’ compensation and indirect costs are factored in, something like a burn could cost an organization nearly $100,000.

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