Howie 4th a

The Fourth of July fireworks produce many “ooohs and aaaws” from young and old alike. Unfortunately, our four-legged friends don’t often have the same reaction.

Howie the Safety Dog wanted to pass along a few tips to help your fuzzy pals be more comfortable this coming weekend.

1. Leave your pets at home. Home is the safest place for your pet. Between , the heat, the crowd and of course, the noise, animals can be come agitated and scared. Such a reaction can cause them to be aggressive or run away.

2. Update your pet’s identification. Make sure the address and phone number on Fido’s tags are correct in case he tries to run from the noise. If your dog or cat has a microchip, make sure to have the “800” number handy, as well as your pet’s tracking number.

3. Create a safe spot. Some dogs feel comfortable in their crates, others may wish to hide in a closet or basement. Howie’s predecessor preferred the bathtub…whatever helps make them comfortable.

4. Keep your pets away from fireworks. Active fireworks can obviously cause injuries and burns, but inactive fireworks are dangerous, too. Do not allow your pet access to fireworks that may be “on deck.” They usually contain toxins which are very dangerous if ingested.

5. Keep emergency contact information handy. If your community has an emergency veterinary clinic, plug the number into your phone. The national Pet Poison Helpline is: 855.213.6680. Of course, consult your personal veterinarian for additional advice and resources.

Howie wishes everyone a safe and happy 4th!

Three Sixty Safety

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