4 Best Practices for Fall Protection

Year after year, falls hold the top slot on OSHA’s list of violations. Use these Best Practices tips to reduce and/or eliminate falls and injuries:

  1. Eliminate hazards through the use of hole covers, guardrailsand other systems designed to prevent falls. This is the first line of defense against accidents/injuries from falls.
  2. Keep the work area free from debrisand clutter. This is a critical factor in preventing trips and other incidents that could lead to falls/injury.
  3. Personal fall arrest systemsare also effective, provided the equipment is inspected regularly, fits properly, and is used according to manufacturer’s specifications. It is important that workers be trained in the proper use of all Personal Protective Equipment. Using Best Practices, always use fall protection when working at heights of 4 feet and above.
  4. Even if other fall-protection systems are in place, make sure someone on the worksite knows how to perform a rescue operation in the event of a fall.


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